CCRQInventory Pre Release

CCRSoftware will, on occasion, provide “pre release” versions of our products. Sometimes these are versions where we are testing new features that we want feedback on, sometimes these are versions that include new features that haven’t been fully documented (or are still under development).

At this time we do not expect CCRQInventory to be published as an “off the shelf” program. It is only being used in “custom” situations for specific users.

Please note that:

  • It is possible that there are bugs or shortcomings in the product, since this release has not undergone complete testing. However, we will not provide a pre release version if we know of any problems that will cause damage to your QuickBooks file.
  • Documentation for the program (other than what might be provided here) has not been completed.
  • Often you will find that “forms” or “report templates” created with prior versions will not be compatible with this pre release version. You usually have to recreate any forms that you are using in older versions.
  • In most cases (unless noted) you cannot have a prior version installed on the same computer as the pre release version. The installer will remove the older version.
  • Unless noted, you can uninstall the pre release version and reinstall the older standard version without problem (other than form/template compatibility).
  • In some cases your registration key / serial number from a prior version will not work with the pre release version, you will need to ask our support staff for an updated key.

Windows 10 Compatibility Issue

Windows 10 installations might not be able to run CCRInventory. See this technical note for details

CCRQInventory 1.2.10

This is the current release.

Latest documentation, including installation directions: CCRQInventory.pdf

Installation file: CCRQInventorySetup.exe