CCRQBOM is available for $150.00 per license. You can install one license on up to 5 computers per business location

QuickBooks Gold Certification! Our CCRQBOM product was awarded Gold Certification by Intuit.

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QuickBooks Manufacturing: CCRQBOM

QuickBooks® provides basic inventory features, and some manufacturing tools, but mostCCRQBOM Icon manufacturers will find that it doesn't provide many key features that every manufacturer needs. CCRQBOM is a QuickBooks® Compatible application that will work closely with your QuickBooks® data files to provide features that your business needs. It includes the following features:

  • Print Multiple Level BOMs: QuickBooks® can only display a single level "explosion" of an assembly. That is, if you have an assembly, and it in turn has a component that is an assembly (a sub-assembly), you cannot print a report that shows all of the items at all levels of the assembly. CCRQBOM has the ability to display and print multiple level assemblies (BOMs) so you can clearly see your product structure. You can also "batch" print BOM's for multiple assemblies
  • Issue Multiple Level Builds: In addition to being able to display each level of a multiple level assembly, CCRQBOM provides you with the ability to issue a Build for that assembly that will "explode" the bill of material and also issue builds for the subassemblies.
  • Requirements Reporting: You can enter a quantity of an assembly and CCRQBOM will display the quantity you need of each component part, consolidating the requirement for items that may appear multiple times in the bill of material. With our latest update you can combine requirements from multiple assemblies, so you can see the requirements (and shortages) you would have for a production schedule. This also will "explode" the BOM's to multiple levels, breaking down your requirements all the way to the raw materials as needed.
  • List all required assemblies in open sales orders: The requirements report can be based on all of the assembly items that the program finds in a selected group of sales orders.
  • Where Used Report: This is a critical report for any manufacturer - it will list every assembly that uses a particular component item. This allows you to identify the assemblies affected by part shortages or required engineering changes.

Our products work directly with your QuickBooks® data files, rather than having to import and export data to an external program.

Please note the following:

  • Support is free (via email)
  • Updates are free.
  • You can install this on up to five computers in a single office with one license.

How can you learn more about this program?

  • Take an On-Line Tour for a brief introduction to the features of the program.
  • See our listing of Tips and Tricks for CCRQBOM.
  • Review the program documentation(PDF).
  • Download a fully functional trial copy of the program, which will allow you to examine it for 30 days. See how it works with your data.

How to purchase

  1. Please check the system requirements before purchasing this program.
  2. If you haven't already, download CCRQBOM. The trial version is fully functional for 30 days after installation.
  3. Purchase a license to use CCRQBOM. The purchase price is $150.00. You will be taken to the PayPal web site where you can pay by credit card or use your PayPal account. If you would rather pay by check contact our sales department directly.
  4. After we have received notification of your payment we will send you a registration code by email, which will unlock your product. Note that it may take as long as one business day before your registration code is sent.