Access to the path is denied

Sometimes when you switch Windows user accounts you will get an error similar to the following:

Access to the path ‘C:\ProgramData\Computer Consulting Resources\CCRQBOMLog.txt’ is denied.

The specific file name depends on the CCRSoftware product that you are using.

This txt file is the diagnostic log that CCRSoftware programs create on your local drive. The first time you run the program, this file is created. What often happens is that someone sets up the CCRSoftware product with a Windows administrator account, and then later runs the program with a Windows standard user account.

Windows assigns ownership to the file to the user account that created it, the Administrator account. Then when a standard user account tries to update it, Windows sets the file to “read only” status, so it cannot be updated by the standard user. This returns the “access” error to the CCRSoftware product.

The simple fix to this is to erase that file, then run the CCRSoftware product with the standard user account. There is no harm in erasing it, this just contains diagnostic information that can be used to determine what error has occurred. The file will be created again, by the standard user, and you should not have any further trouble.

Note that in some Windows Server environments you will find that the “ProgramData” folder is shared amongst multiple users. This isn’t the proper way for the users to be set up, each user should have their own copy of this folder.