Need Help with QuickBooks?

We don't provide QuickBooks support directly. However, we can recommend that you visit the Sleeter Report blog for up-to-date information on QuickBooks and other accounting products.


CCRSoftware Support / Tutorials

CCRSoftware support (including tutorials) is available though our Support Portal. We will provide registered product users, and users of trial versions of our software, with a reasonable amount of free technical support via email for our products through this system.

What is a "reasonable amount"? Well, if you are asking us to train your staff, reinstall the software multiple times, or teach you how QuickBooks works, that goes beyond what we would normally provide for free. For these situations we may charge an hourly fee (paid in advance) - we'll tell you up front if what you are asking about is a for-fee service, before you incur any charges.

Product Updates

Once you have registered a copy of any CCRSoftware product you are eligible for product updates at no additional charge for as long as you are using the product. This does not guarantee that the product will be updated, nor does it guarantee that the product will remain compatible with future updates of the operating environment (such as Microsoft Windows) or products that it integrates with (such as QuickBooks).